Thursday 28 August 2014



Omavalli leaves/ Karpooravalli/Doddapatre soppu/Sambrani soppu/Mexican mint is a commonly used leaves as a home remedy for cold and cough. These thick oval shape leaves has strong flavour and this plant is grown in a small pot in our home garden. 

Whenever I have cold I will pluck two leaves and wash and chew them for immediate relief. You can boil these leaves with tulsi leaves and have it as kashayam. Inhaling vapour of water boiled with karpooravalli leaves helps to relieve nose congestion.

 I got a kashayam recipe for my kid and give this kashayam on the day of head-bath to prevent him from cold. 2 Omavalli leaves, 1 pod Garlic and 1 betel leaf (remove the middle stalk). Crush the above ingredients and boil it in 1/4 cup of water. After straining the kashayam is ready.

I have also seen chutney, rasams, and bajjis made out of these leaves. 

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