Sunday 20 April 2014

Nungu/Palmyah Fruit/Ice apple


Nungu (Palmyah fruit/Ice apple) is a seasonal fruit which resembles a transparent jelly. This fruit is our natures gift during summer season in India and gets its place into the local market only during that season. 3 jellys are packed inside the black fruit which is cut on the top to take the jellys out. The road side vendors who sell it knows the technique to take out the jelly with out breaking.

 Tender nungus are very good for health and the over ripe one should be avoided. Nungu comes with white outer cover which has bitter taste. Many prefer to remove it and eat but nutritionists suggest that it needs to be consumed with outer cover to achieve full benefits. This fruit is loaded with many vital nutrients and gives a big no to fat.

In my childhood, I have seen vendors selling these nungus in palm leaf which is like handmade fan. They will keep the nungus inside the leaf and close it and tie it plastics. Also I have seen them selling pathaneer (a fermented juice made from palm tree), many prefer to drink it to cool the body from heat.