Wednesday 2 July 2014

All about HorseGram

Horse gram is also called as Kollu in tamil. As you see this is a brown colour flat shaped lentil with loads of nutrients packed in it. 

This lentil is recommended mainly for weight loss as it reduces the unwanted fat, you can consume it as sundal or Rasam. There is a famous saying that "illaithavanaukku ellu kolluthavanukku ellu" that means give "Sesame seeds" to one who wants to gain weight and give "Horsegram" to one who wants to reduce weight. 

Horsegram is rich in Iron, Vitamin C, Protein and fibre. It is so good for controlling Cholesterol, Blood pressure and Sugar levels as well, also another important factor is its antioxidant properties.

Women with menstruation problems are recommended to consume Horsegram but pregnant women are not advised to consume Horsegram.

Horsegram is boiled in water and consume to regulate fever. Also regular intake helps in regulating digestive system. 

Sprouting Horsegram is more beneficial.To sprout this lentil: Soak it overnight, next day drain water and transfer it to a cotton/muslin cloth and wrap it. Next day you might see small sprouts budding out. You can add these sprouts to salads and make many tasty dishes which are healthy as well. Try this Sprouts Horsegram sundal, I am sure you will love it.