Wednesday 13 August 2014

Medicinal uses and health benefits of Manathakkali keerai/Black Nightshade

manathakkali keerai

Manathakkali Keerai (Tamil)/ Black Nightshade (English) is a fantastic green which should be consumed regularly.

I still remember, whenever I get mouth sores my grandma used to give 2-3 leaves to chew in empty stomach. Its pretty hard to eat them raw for their bitter taste but it had miraculous effect in curing my sores.

The plant has white flowers and green berries and they turn to purple colour after they ripe. I cant resist my self from plucking these purple colour fruits fresh from the plant and eat them as it tastes good.

Important health benefits of Manathakkali keerai are

  • it helps to heal mouth and stomach ulcers
  • improves eyesight
  • reduces urinary infections 
  • helps to cure constipation

Manathakkali keerai can be used to cook as keerai kootu and its green berries are used to prepare vathal. This manathakkali vathal is one of the menu in post pregnancy diet (pathiya sapadu) for lactating mothers.

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