Monday 25 August 2014

Kohlrabi/Knol-khol/Nool kol

kohlrabi-knol-khol-nool kol

Kohl Rabi/Knol-khol/Nool kol (Tamil) also called as German Turnip is packed with loads of nutritional value and has less fat content. As you can see the picture above, it is greenish white coloured vegetable.It is used to prepare variety of dishes in Indian cuisine

I have tried parathas with this veggie and came out so well, click on the pic to get the recipe.

Noolkol Paratha

Always select the tender ones to get tasty and healthy dishes.
Its nutritional value are

Rich in anti oxidant
Low in saturated fat and cholesterol also high in fibre
Contains B-complex groups 

C rich veggie
Rich in beta carotene

Health Benefits are

Fights cancer
Clears digestion problem
Increases immunity
Stabilizes blood pressure
weight watchers friend


  1. I tried this came out very well..ty

    1. Glad to hear this and thanks for sharing your comments