Thursday 6 April 2017

5 Interesting facts that you didn't know about Quinoa


If I say that Quinoa is good for health, it might not sound very interesting to you because you are already aware of its amazing health benefits. Why not we look at its interesting facts that are still yet to be explored?

5 Interesting facts that you didn't know about Quinoa:

1) Is it a grain?

 Though this superfood is grown as a grain crop it is not a grain, but is closely related to spinach, beets and chard varieties.The edible seed part of the plant is called as Quinoa which is cooked to get its way into the yummy salad plates.

2) Why not eat those Quinoa leaves?

Quinoa leaves are edible too. You can consume those leaves like, how you eat other leafy vegetables similar to amaranth. But the sad part is, it is not commercially success to get inside your nearby stores.

3) Are there only three varieties of Quinoa?

If you say yes to this question then you are probably wrong. There are more than 100 varieties of quinoa available but only three are commercialized. White, Red and Black quinoa are popular ones for consumption.

4) Do you know that Quinoa holds a bitter taste?

These tiny seeds with immense health benefits come with a natural coating of saponins making them bittery ones. But the happy news is, the grains sold commercially is processed in order to remove this bitter coating. Bittery saponins are the greatest asset for this quinoa crop as it protects the crop from birds. Hence, the plant needs only minimal protection.

5) Do you know that Quinoa is 3000 to 4000 years old?

Recent limelight status for Quinoa for its immense nutritional value might not be great news for Andean People, they very well knew it 4000 years back. This Quinoa plant is an indigenous one to them and also a staple food.


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