Thursday 30 October 2014

Little Millet

little millet

Little millet is smaller in size comparing to other millets and has a dull colour. 

Indian names of Little millet are Samai (Tamil), Kutki (Hindi), Sama (Telugu), Same (Kannada), Chama (Malayalam)

This little millet has the ability to grow well even in adverse climatic conditions. Little Millet is best suited for Diabetic patients, helps in reducing fat, helps in relieving constipation, helps to cure stomach related problems and good for bones and mucles.

Little millet is rich in fibre and protein.

Nutritional value:  Protein :7.7 (g), Fiber : 7.6 (g), Minerals :1.5 (g), Iron : 9.3 (mg), Calcium :17 (mg)

We can prepare variety of tasty dishes with Samai, like Samai uthappam, Millet masala Dosa, Samai rava upma.

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