Sunday 30 March 2014

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling ?.....What does that mean? Why do we do that?.etc.
   I am sure you will be having loads of questions like this. I will first start off with my own experience. Me and My husband shifted to this cold place and often our uninvited guests were cold, cough and nasal congestion.  I wanted to find a solution for these but in a natural way with out taking allopathic medicines.

 I came to know about OIL PULLING from my friend who had been practicing it and gained many benefits. I too had same questions that are going on in your mind. Here are the answers
oil pulling
What is Oil Pulling?

  Oil pulling is a harmless and easy procedure that has to be followed on a routine basis in the morning on an empty stomach.

How to do Oil Pulling?

I will give you the steps to follow for Oil pulling

1) Immediately after waking up on empty stomach pour one tablespoon of Sesame oil (also called gingelly oil) into your mouth.

2) Swish it around in your mouth so that the oil touches teeth, gums and all parts inside your mouth. 

3) Make sure you don't swallow it and do it gently.

4) Oil will start getting watery and turn white colour.

5) This will happen in around 20 mins and that is it, your job is done and time to spit it.

6) After spiting rinse the mouth with warm water.

The process is over and now you can brush your teeth.

What are the benefits of Oil Pulling?

1) It boosts oral health that means your gums will be strong and will have white teeth.

2) It prevents Bad breath

3) It removes toxins from our body.

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