Tuesday 18 November 2014

5 Awesome facts that you never knew about Pigeon peas

tuvar lilva/togari kalu/green pigeon peas

Can any Indian cuisine be without Pigeon pea? Not at all, Piegon pea is used not only in Indian cuisine but also in other cuisines as well. 

To glance at few of the famous Indian dishes prepared using Pigeon peas, click  here

Here we are with 5 Awesome facts that you never knew about Pigeon peas

1) Do you know that Pigeon peas got domesticated in India for more than 3000 years ago? Yes, and around 2000 BC it started spreading to East Africa and then to America. Look at now, these cute green pods are grown worldwide.

2) Ayurveda, one of the oldest holistic medicines have not left these nutrition rich  peas. They have this pigeon peas for healing sores and wounds for its anti inflamatory properties. Pigeon pea along with every part of the plant can reduce swelling and inflammation quickly because of the organic compounds present in them.

3) No two pigeon peas are similar in size or colour. Some might be round in shape where as some oval in shape. Few pigeon peas will be green in colour with red spots and few in cream colour with brown spots and few in purplish or black colour. Be ready to expect your pigeon peas in any of these colours, green, cream, brown, purple and black.

4) Wondering why these seeds got a funny name as "Pigeon Pea"? Well, it is quiet interesting one. Got its name born from Barbados where this crop is mainly fed to pigeons. Pigeons were eating a protein rich meal 😊.

5) Just chew few raw pigeon peas for few days and notice an enhanced immunity and over all wellness. It is true that Vitamin C content of these pigeon peas are lost nearly 25% when they are cooked so chew them raw to stimulate the productions of your body's warriors (white blood cells).

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