Thursday 7 August 2014

Top health benefits and food recipes of Amla/Nellikai/Indian Gooseberry

Top health benefits and food recipes of Amla/Nellikai/Indian Gooseberry
Amla/Indian Gooseberry

Do you know that "Amla is 20 times Vitamin C rich than an orange?"

Indian Gooseberry/Amla/Periya nellikai contains high amount of Vitamin C than any other fruit or veggies.

Remember our childhood days when our granny used to give raw Amla or Sugar coated amla candy to chew????? But sadly, nowadays we are ready to eat burgers and pizzas and are neglecting this amazing nutrition rich fruit.

Indian Gooseberry/Amla/Periya nellikai gains high privilege in Ayurveda. A better example is Chyawanprash in which Amla is the main ingredient.

Amla based food recipes:

Amla needs to be included in our daily diet to achieve immerse health benefits.  Some of the common Amla based ready made food that are available at supermarket or online are, Amla juice, sugar coated amla candy, honey dipped amla and sun dried amlas.

Apart from above, you can buy fresh amlas and try few interesting recipes at home. They are

1) Amla raita

amla raita

2) Amla pickle

amla pickle

3) Amla rice

amla rice

How to prepare Amla juice at home?

In season, the market is flooded with  fresh Amlas  that you can buy and store it in fridge. These Amlas stay fresh for a week's time when refrigerated.  Buy few fresh amals and try this juice at home.

  • De seed few of the Amlas and grind to fine paste. 
  • Add enough water to dilute the concentrate.
  • Mix honey or unrefined sugar
Your Fresh Amla juice is ready, consuming them regularly promotes healthy living.

How to select Fresh Amlas?

When you buy fresh Amlas, care needs to be taken in choosing them
  •  Always choose fresh and tender ones with no cuts or blemishes on their skin
  • Go for fresh ones than the frozen ones.

Top Health benefits of Amla/Nellikai/Indian Gooseberry:

Nutrition rich Amla not only enhances immunity level but also increases your life span. Let us have a look at top health benefits of Amla
1) High vitamin C of Amla boosts your immunity level. When your immunity level increases then automatically your body starts gaining enough strength to fight against virus and germs. 
2) Antioxidants are important for your body since they fight against free radicals, a main cause for ageing. Amla is an antioxidant agent which helps to maintain your youthfulness. 
3) Want to achieve lustrous hair the you should definitely include Amla in your daily diet. Since amla promotes hair growth also prevents hair fall. Amla based ayurvedic hair oils are available, try using one after consulting an ayurvedic physician. 
4) Vision problem is not a common one among old people but also spreading among children too. This power fruit Amla improves eyesight and cures all eye related problems like itchiness, redness, watering of the eyes, tired eyes, etc. 
5) Amla regulates acid levels in stomach, hence cures acidity and digestion problems. 
6) Amla Strengthens Respiratory system and fights all the respiratory related problems like cold, sore throat, bronchitis, cough etc. 
7) Amla is a blood purifier and increases haemoglobin count.

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