Thursday 22 May 2014


Pirandai (Cissus Quadrangularis) is also called as "Vajravalli" in Tamil (meaning: It makes your body strong). It is a creeper variety with more stems and less leaves. 

Choose the tender stem and scrap off the angular edges and nodes to make thogayal or chutney. The juice of pirandai is mixed with dough in making appalam. Be careful in handling this pirandai as it might cause itchiness. It is better to apply some sesame oil before touching this plant. 

It grows in any climate and you can plant it in a small pot, doesn't need much water also. You can cut the stem and plant it, and pirandai will start growing.

It is loaded with vitamin C and calcium and so good for bones.  Pirandai helps a lot in faster healing in fractures. Also regular consumption of pirandai thogayal helps with joint pains and especially for knee pains.  This magical herb is used extensively in Siddha medicines.

My grandma used to make pirandai thogayal at least once a week and stayed strong even at her 80s. Including these medicinal herbs in our diet helps us with better health and there is aslo a famous saying "Unave Marunthu" that means "Food it self is a medicine"

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